SOSS Sanggu Academic Subsidy (SOSS SAS)

Application Guidelines


SOSS SAS aims to empower the students by creating an avenue to help them develop their major academic projects such as theses and business research. is a service of the SOSS Sanggunian, in cooperation with the SOSS Dean’s Office.

Application Requirements

Any undergraduate student of the Loyola Schools is eligible to apply who is submitting their requirements in partial fulfillment of a major or minor in the School of Social Sciences. The undergraduate student(s) must be enrolled in the class where the thesis/business research/project/paper is a requirement at the time of application.

For Scholars

Any applicant who is a scholar of any type, either applying as an individual or as a member of a group of applicants, must also individually fill out the Confidential Scholar Information Form and submit as a hard copy ONLY in a sealed envelope with their name, course, and title of said requirement.

Application Kit

Application Period for SOSS SAS: February 22 - April 17

Panel Interview: TBA

Release of Results: TBA

Note: Schedule may be subject to change depending on unforeseen events, number of applicants, and availability of panelists.

Application Kit The SOSS application kit contains:

  • Proposal Cover
  • Budget Breakdown
  • Code of Accountability
  • Confidential Scholar's Information (Scholars Only)
or download it from this link!

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